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THRIVE Consulting & Coaching provided HR consulting for our business. We are small enough that we don’t have an HR team so our office manager covers the administrative tasks. Pam has advised us regarding strategy and coached me as a leader. I didn’t think we needed any of it, but I had failed to realize how much better we could become as a team. Without pushing us too hard, she respectfully uncovered areas where we could improve. Then she challenged me to be a more active leader. For example, I don’t like to deal with anything confrontational with our team so I just brush issues aside. I let anger and stress build up and then I tend to explode. Pam has coached me to have crucial conversations in a timely manner and how to have them in a way that makes team members still feel valued. I’m embarrassed that it took a coach to help make my business better but now I see the value. I plan to continue working with Thrive.

President, Service Company

For Profit Company

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Based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, THRIVE Consulting & Coaching is a partner for executives, leaders, managers and teams. We help to identify and remove barriers in order to cultivate and inspire growth. Whether you are developing or modifying business strategy, evolving the culture, planning for acquisition, divestiture or succession, the THRIVE team consists of experienced leaders and executives from diverse industries who have walked in your shoes. While there are plenty of consultancies and coaches who have credentials to do what they do, many do not possess the experience it takes to relate well with you and your team, ask the best questions, and advise with innovation and practicality. This is truly a differentiator.

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About Pam

In addition to her certification as an Executive Coach, Pam is the Founder & CEO of THRIVE Consulting & Coaching, LLC. As an accomplished executive leader and expert in human resources, Pam Ries has been intimately involved in and led business strategies. She knows that business strategies can only be achieved through effective leadership and higher performing teams. Businesses who focus on people and foster a culture of individual and team growth are higher performing organizations. With this focus, there are also high expectations for skills, behaviors, and values that align with the organization. Her first-hand experience in formulating these expectations and years of coaching leaders at all levels, uniquely positions Pam to partner with you as a coach and consultant. She is passionate about partnering with individuals who want to optimize their strengths, embrace vulnerabilities, and engage in continuous growth.

A word from THE FOUNDER

Clearing the way to THRIVE

Nestled in partially wooded surroundings, the house my husband and I call home is the perfect setting for the changing seasons. Last spring, we noticed some trees and branches were overgrown and crowding out others, creating barriers for optimal growth. We carefully thinned the area out and within a few short weeks, I noticed fresh buds and blooms. The trees were standing taller and thriving as they basked in the sunlight, experiencing new growth.

My philosophy is that there’s always more to learn when we identify and remove barriers -- opening ourselves up to new possibilities. I have a passion for leadership coaching, focusing on individuals with an open mindset. I realize that leadership coaching is only part of the solution; adding consulting services often exposes new possibilities and more growth.

Though my business was founded in 2022, it’s been a dream for 10 years. After collaborating with many coaches and consultancies throughout my career, I noticed key components were missing that inhibited growth. What organizations need is innovation built on a solid foundation of expertise and experience to fuel fresh ideas that inspire bold steps.

I began thoughtfully selecting a network of coaches and consultants who align with this philosophy. We each have a passion for innovative thinking and know that personal and professional growth leads to greater results—allowing individuals and organizations to THRIVE.

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HEar from our clients

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Pam over the past eight months. She began as a business advisor regarding a confidential business strategy. It didn’t take long to recognize the value of her diverse business knowledge and HR expertise. I hired her as an executive coach and for HR consulting. As an executive coach, she has challenged me to approach certain matters differently, has been a confidant as I contemplate decisions and both have made me a better leader. As a result of working with Pam, I am developing my team, building a better culture, and seeing an improvement in workforce engagement. Additionally, my personal stress level has reduced greatly. We haven’t met all of our goals yet, but I am confident we are on the right path. I highly recommend working with Pam and know that her Team at Thrive is in good hands with her leadership experience.

President & CEO, Manufacturing

For Profit Company

Pam is one of the strongest leaders and coaches I’ve had the opportunity to learn from and a person who positively impacts so many. So many being those she interacts with, including leaders and executives who are working to become better along with everyone their leadership umbrella impacts. Personally, she has invested time and care. She adapted to how learning best connects with me all while shedding light on how to view leadership at a deeper level. That is only my personal experience. I have seen her do this time and time again with others. She sets the bar high and those who run alongside her are better off for it! Thank you, Pam!

Eric VanDuren

Vice President

Not-for-Profit Company

We needed assistance with structure and role clarity within our HR team. The Thrive team discreetly assisted me with a focus on the future of work in organizations and within HR. They challenged my thinking and shared new ideas that were not only relevant, but practical enough to implement without causing major disruption. I appreciated their knowledge, approach, and pricing structure. I will definitely hire Thrive again for projects that are a good fit.

Anonymous, Vice President

For Profit Company

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SERvices Provided

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Executive | Leadership | Career Transitions

Creative collaborators
She's got a natural flair for public speaking

Workforce Strategy | People Practices | Culture

Engage | Inspire | Transform

Look around you. Everything changes.

Everything on this earth is in a continous state of evolving, refining, improving, adapting, enhancing... changing.

You were not put on this earth to remain stagnant.

- Steve Marboli



Financial Growth Concept

Leadership & Management

Your role is critical. You can bring new life to yourself and your team by focusing on personal and team development. Your growth mindest leads to growth in others and the organization.

Uncertain Businessman at a Crossroad

Career transitions

Reaching and experiencing a significant milestone or transition in your career can be exhilirating and unnerving at the same time. Preparing for transitions will empower you with peace and clear purpose.

Executive CoachinG

Executive coaching is specifically designed for anyone stepping into an executive role for the first time or for experienced executives with specific goals. In a 1:1 relationship, a THRIVE coach will partner with the executive. Often, executive goal's include building their team, navigating new relationships, developing mission, vision, values, developing new strategies, evolving culture, or initiating business transformation. THRIVE is with the executive throughout every step on this journey.

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Stepping up as CEO

To ensure a successful transition, new CEOs often work with an executive coach. Seasoned CEOs often look for a situational coach as they progress in their role. Partnering with an executive coach provides you with a much-needed confidant. A coach will listen, ask critical questions, explore perspectives, and provide additional insight as you navigate relationships with your team and board of directors. A coach can help you see beyond what is directly in front of you as you contemplate major decisions and set direction for the organization.

Becoming an Executive

When you report to the CEO, you must be able to navigate 'all the things' without daily guidance. You will find yourself more alone as a leader because your peers are busy leading their areas of expertise and the teams that report to them. Partnership with an executive coach can avail you the opportunity to not only work on specific objectives as you transition into the role, but also someone who can listen, ask critical questions, heighten awareness, and provide insight as you engage in new relationships and lead at a much more strategic level.

Leading People

Leaders at all levels often benefit from coaching for continuous learning. Specifically someone stepping into leadership for the first time, a leader taking on a new area of responsibility, and new team, or a leader who may be a successor for a an executive role. The perspectives and guidance of a coach may be what sets your career in leadership up for success.

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Pam coached me through a career impasse. I was excited to connect with Pam, knowing she has extensive knowledge and experience in c-suite level recruitment and retention. Pam is thoughtful and insightful. Through her coaching, I was able to see multiple angles of the situation, ultimately ensuring my confidence in making an informed decision for my next step. I highly recommend Pam for career-coaching, and I look forward to working with her in the future.

Aly Donzila


Not-for-Profit Company

Pam has served as an excellent mentor, coach, and role model for me. She continually encourages me to seek growth opportunities and challenges me to expand beyond my comfort zones. Additionally, Pam is a knowledgeable and compassionate leader. She is enthusiastic about collaboration and positive transformation. I have benefited from her guidance, advice, and mentorship. Pam is also a gifted speaker and strategist. It has been a pleasure learning both with her and from her.

Amanda Rostic

Executive Advisor

Not-for-Profit Company

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All levels of leadership can grow tremendously with a coach that is focused on helping them achieve their goals. Someone stepping into a leadership role for the first time, a leader taking on a new area of responsibility or a leader who may be a successor for a future role may see the significant role of a coach in this career transition. THRIVE wants our clients to achieve their goals; that's why we are proud to have an extensive list of coaching topics.

Man and Woman Having a Tea Conversation

collaborating with colleagues

Managing Family business Dynamics

Setting and Achieving Goals

Partnering for Success

Role Clarity in Leadership Teams

Leading for a Higher Performing Team

Elevating Emotional Intelligence

Crucial Conversations

Conquering Self- Confidence

Networking more Effectively

Preparing for and Managing Career Transitions

Engaging and Inspiring Others

enhancing executive presence

Moving from Operator to Manager

Focusing on what Matters Most

Removing Barriers

The Art of Decision Making

Appreciative Inquiry

Delegating and Distributing Work

Relationship Realities

Delivering powerful presentations

& More


The THRIVE team has the experience to consult and advise in areas such as evolving culture, succession planning, team building, transformational people practices as well as general people-related operations. With first-hand experience in various industries, the consulting team is prepared to challenge the status quo and promote innovation while understanding the practicality of implementation and change management.

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Creative collaborators


She's got a natural flair for public speaking

Pam Ries is a passionate professional, excited at every opportunity to ignite other professionals to THRIVE. As an accomplished executive, coach, and consultant, Pam has a history of being able to connect and engage various audiences. Pam has special interest in topics like growth mindset, removing barriers, embracing growth, belonging and other relevant topics. THRIVE is available for various speaking opportunities, such as keynote speaker, conference events, podcast guest, fireside chats or media interviews.

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Pam delivered on our vision for her speaking session, and a whole lot more! We requested 1) a highly interactive

session with 2) takeaways/assignments for the participants, and she delivered on both counts!

Pam played a major role in kicking off our Women’s Network at Bradford White and left us all contemplating the activities we plan to #PlantSeeds for the next generation in our industry and company. We had an amazing session to share our experiences, barriers, and triumphs. It turned into an amazing bonding & networking event for our current employees, all the while setting the stage for how we will pay it forward to our industry and community.

Thank you, Pam, for helping us #Thrive!

Louise Prader, Senior Director

Product Management

Bradford White - Philadelphia

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Working as a professional educator and project manager I engage with many professionals who provide formative coaching and advice, but Pamela Ries stands out as exceptional! Her passion to help individuals succeed is evident in her ability to listen, dialogue, and formulate expert, personalized career advice and planning. She instinctively asks insightful questions, stretching my thinking and moving key conversations forward. Pam’s broad experiential pallet comes into play as she artfully paints clarity, simplifying the process of creating or refining your professional identity to meet your objectives. Measuring the value of Pam’s talent is equitable (comparable) with working with a master of their craft and seeing instant results through smart, strategic actions.

Jerry Brown

Educator & Project Manager

For Profit Company

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